Plant Detail
Plant Name Hygrophila balsamica (L.f.) Rafin
Synonym Adenosma balsamica (L.f.) Spreng. , Cardanthera balsamica (L.f.) Benth. ex Clarke
Family Acanthaceae
Local Name -
Habit Erect herb, up to 50 high            
Habitat In wetplaces and paddy fields
Distribution Karaikal, Niravy, Thirunallar, Kotucherry, Nedungadu, T.R.Pattinam
Status Less common
Flowering Time
Dec. - April.
Fruiting Time
Dec. - April.

        Hygrophila balsamica (L.f.) Rafin Erect herb, up to 50 high; stem well-branched, glabrous. Leaves opposite, obovate-elliptic to lanceolate, 1.6 - 5 x 1.4 cm, cuneate at base, serrate-crenate at margin, obtuse-subacute at apex, base densely hirsute; 8-pairs; petiole short. Cymes verticullate. Flowers ca. 1.2 cm across, blue, axillary; 8 - 10-flowered; bracts obovate, 05 mm, bracteole ovate, 2.1 mm long. Calyx tubular, campanulate; lobe 5, linear-obovate, 05 mm long, margin ciliate, apex obtuse-subacute, hirsute. Stamens 4 darsifixed; filiment linear, 3 - 7 mm long; anther obovate, 1.1 mm long, mucronate at base. Ovary oblong-obovate to globose, 2 mm villous; 2-loculed; ovules many; style filiform, 8.4 mm long, white-ciliate; stigma subulate, 05 mm long, base lobed. Capsules oblong-ellipsoid

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