Plant Detail
Plant Name 'Commelina attenuata Koen var. Vahl
Synonym ommelina subulata, Commelina linearifolia Kunth , Tradescantia biflora Willd. ex Schult. & Schult.f.
Family Commelinaceae
Local Name -
Habit Prostrate herb            
Habitat In moist sandy localities
Distribution Karaikal, Kotucherry,
Status Common
Flowering Time
Oct. - Jan.
Fruiting Time
Oct. - Jan.

        Commelina attenata Koen Prostrate herb; stem rooting at lower node, striate. Leaves ovate-lanceolate, 3.5 - 6 x 09 - 1 , cuneate-subcordate at base, smooth along margin, acute-obtuse at apex, glabrous; sheathe 08 mm long, pinkish-purple, striate, along hairy at mouth, ciliate at margin of side. Cymes terminal, up to 2 cm long.. Flowers ca. 2 cm across, blue. Stamens 3; filament ca. 07 mm long; anther ovoid; staminodes 2 or 3, small. Ovary globose, small, 0.4 mm long; 2-loculed; ovules 2; style filiform, 02 mm long; stigma subcapitate. Capsules oblong, 08 x 04 mm long; seeds 2, ellipsoid, cylindric, 04 x 02 mm long, white appendage at each end, brownish.

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