Plant Detail
Plant Name Heterostemma tanjorense Wight & Arn.
Synonym -
Family Asclepiadaceae
Local Name Palakeerai
Habit Twining herb            
Habitat In near of backwaters and on hedges
Distribution Karaikal, Nedungadu,
Status Less common
Flowering Time
Dec. - Mar.
Fruiting Time
Jan. - April.

        Heterostemma tanjorense Wight & Arn. Twining herb; stem glabrous, water latex. Leaves opposiate, 2.7 - 11.2 x 1.8 - 7.3 , ovate-elliptic, base subcordate, truncate, margin entire, acute, apiculate at apex, apparssed pubescent or glabrescent, small gland near of base, yellow; 5-pairs; petiole 2.7 cm long. Umbles extra axillary, short, 5 -10-flowered. Flowers ca. 6 mm across, purple-yellow; pedicel ca. 1 cm long, minutely hairy. Calyx 5-partite; lobe ovate-elliptic, 1.8 mm, margin ciliate, hyline. Corolla rotate; lobe triangular small, pollinia ovoid, 0.2 mm. Ovary 2, conical to oblong, 1 mm, base truncate, glabrous; 2-loculed; ovules many; style short, stigma sessile, truncate. Follicles cylindric, up to 15 cm long, glabrous; seeds many, obovoid, flat, 6 mm long

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