Plant Detail
Plant Name Geniosporum tenuiflorum (L.) Merr.
Synonym Geniosporum prostratum (L.) Benth.
Family Lamiaceae
Local Name -
Habit Procumbent or erect herb            
Habitat In sandy localities
Distribution Karaikal, Kotucherry, T.R.Pattinam
Status Common
Flowering Time
Dec. - June.
Fruiting Time
Dec. - June.

        Geniospermum teniflorum (L.) Merr. Procumbent or erect herb; stem rooting at lower nodes, striate, peberulous. Leaves opposite, ovate-oblong to spatulate, 07 - 13 x 05 - 6.4 mm, cuneate at base, serrulate at margin, acute at apex, scabrous along nerves beneath; 3-pairs; petiole 01 - 03 mm long. Racemes or spikes, up to 2 long, 10 - 17-flowered. Floweres ca. 05 mm across, white. Stamens 4; filament filiform, ca. 02 mm long; anther ovate. Ovary globose, 01 mm long; 4-loculed; ovules 1; style linear-filiform, ca. 2.3 mm long; stigma 2fid. Netlets oblong-obovate to cylindric, ca. 2.3 mm long; seeds when wet.

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