Plant Detail
Plant Name 'Stachytarpheta jamaicensis (L.) Vahl
Synonym Stachytarpheta indica, Stachytarpheta indica var. jamaicensis (L.) Trimen , Valerianoides jamaicensis (L.) Kuntze, Verbena jamaicensis L.
Family Verbenaceae
Local Name Seemai nayuruvi
Habit Undershrub, up to 50 high            
Habitat In roadsides and wastelands
Distribution Karaikal, Niravy, Thirunallar,
Status Common
Flowering Time
Throughout the year.
Fruiting Time
Throughout the year.

        Stachytarpheta jamaicensis (L.) Vahl Undershrub, up to 50 high ; stem 4-angled, terete, glabrous. Leaves opposite, elliptic-obovate, 5 - 8 x 2.6 - 5 cm, cuneate at base, crenate at margin, acute-obtuse at apex, appressed pubescent along nerves beneath; 4 - 6-pairs; petiole subsessile. Spikes terminal, up to 50 cm long. Flowers ca. 1 cm across, bluish-violet; bracts ovate, 05 mm long, hyaline, scabrous along the nerves, acuminate at apex. Calyx tubular, 5.5 mm long, shortly 4-teeth, 0.6 mm long, puberulous. Corolla salverform, tube cylindric, 07 mm long, glabrous. Stamens 2; fialemtn 01 mm long, hairy; anther divercate, 1.5 mm long. Ovary subflattened, oblong, 1.5 - 02 mm long; 2-loculed; ovules 1; style filiform, 6.5 mm long, glabrous; stigma capitate, rounded, 0.3 mm long. Pyrenes oblong, 4.5 mm long, glabrous, shortly peaked at apex; seeds 1.

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