Plant Detail
Plant Name Launaea sarmentosa
Synonym Launaea pinnatifida Cass. , Preanathes sarmentosa Willd.
Family Asteraceae
Local Name -
Habit Prostrate or stoloniferous herb            
Habitat In sandy localities and sand dunes
Distribution Karaikal, T.R.Pattinam
Status Common
Flowering Time
Nov. - April.
Fruiting Time
Nov. - April.

        Launaea sarmentosa (Willd.) Sch.-Bip. ex Kuntze Prostrate or stoloniferous herb. Leaves rosulate, spatulate or oblonceolate, 2 - 7.5 x 05 - 2 , cuneate at base, denticulate at margin, acute at apex; 2 - 6-pairs; petiole sessile. Capitulum 1- 3, solitary, axllary, head, 1.7 cm across. Phyllaries many-seriate, scarious. Pappus 1-seriate, subequal. Corolla cylindric, 06 mm long. stamens 5; anther subulate-linear. Ovary obovoid; style 2-fid, up to 08 cm long; stigma subacute. Achenes 3 - 5-ribbed, shortely beaked, 05 mm long, black.

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