Plant Detail
Plant Name Ctenolepis garcinii (Burm.f.) Clarke
Synonym Blastania garcinii (Burm.f.) Cogn.
Family Cucurbitaceae
Local Name -
Habit Climber            
Habitat In In scrub jungles and on hedges
Distribution Karaikal, Niravy, Thirunallar, T.R.Pattinam
Status Less common
Flowering Time
Dec. - Mar.
Fruiting Time
Dec. - Mar.

        Ctenolepis garcinii (Burm.f.) C.B. Clarke Climber or twining herb; branchlets scabrous. Leaves alternate, palmately 3 - 5-lobed, lobe oblong-obovate, 3 - 5 x 3.2 - 5.2 , cordate at base, crenate-denticulate at margin, obtusely mucronate at apex, villous, dotte. Tentrils filuiform, palmately 3 - 5-nerved; petiole up to 4.5 cm long. flowers ca. 1.5 mm across, white-cream, solitary, axillary; bracts stipuliform, ovate. Male flowers 1 - 5-flowered; peduncle filiform, 05 mm long. Clayx-tube campanulate, lobe 5, subulate-linear, 0.4 mm long. Corolla rotate. Petals 5, ovate, ca. 1.5 mm long minutely pubescent. Stamens 3; filament short, inserted; anther ovoid, 2-celled. Female flowers 1 - 2-flowered; peduncle up to 03 mm long. Clayx -5-lobed, tube 0.4 mm long. Petals 5, ca. 1.2 mm long. Ovary ovoid, 1 - 2-loculed; ovules 1 per cell; style slender, 0.5 mm long; stigma minutely 3-lobed, papillose. Berries subrebiform, ovoid, up to 4.5 mm across; seeds 1 - 2, oblong-obovate.

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