Plant Detail
Plant Name Crotalaria angulata Mill.
Synonym Astragalus biflorus L. , Crotalaria biflora (L.) L.
Family Fabaceae
Local Name -
Habit Prostrate herb            
Habitat In wasteplaces and sandy localities In waste places and sandy soils
Distribution Karaikal, Nedungadu,
Status Common
Flowering Time
Oct. - April.
Fruiting Time
Oct. - April.

        Crotalaria angulata Mill., Gard. Prostrate or diffuse herb; stem well-branched, up to 35 long, stiff-pubescent to wooly. Leaves alternate, ovate-suborbicular, 1 - 1.8 x 09 - 1.3 cm, rounded, retuse-subcordate at base, entire, ciliate at margin, obtuse-retuse minulely mucronate with hairy at apex, pubescent; 3 - 4-pairs; petiole 1.5 mm long. Racemes lateral, leaf-opposiate, 1 - 2-flowered; peduncle 2.5 cm long. Flowers ca. 1.5 cm across, yellow; pedicle 3 mm long. Calyx-lobe 5, linear, 6 mm long. Petals 5; standard suborbicular-obovate to ovate. Ovary globose, 2.3 mm, densely pubescent; 2-locule; ovules 1; style 4.3 mm slender, ciliate; stigma oblique. Pod globose-circular, 1 cm, subsessile, stiff-pubescent; seeds 16 - 20, reniform.

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